Hi everyone,

I’ve had a chance to work on this melody a little and I’ve now come up with a “B” section.


Melody B


Kids-Melody (B)

Note that in measures 9-12 I have placed the melody an octave higher than measures 1-4. This is a simple way to restate the idea. Composers have been using this technique for centuries. When you factor orchestration into the equation, the effect can be quite profound (more on that later). I also wrote a little glissando to get up to the first note of the second statement of this melodic phrase.

Putting both the A & B” sections together sounds like this:


A & B Melody

A & B Audio

Finally, I’ve added some basic accompaniment rhythm and chords with the melody to see how it all works:


Now I’ve got an “A” and a “B” section that I’m reasonably happy with. I think I’ll start putting this together (Intro ideas, how many A’s and B’s etc.) and see where it takes me.

Stand by ;-)






    Satie! Very nice so far…

    This melody is really nice! The harp will sound pretty in this song!

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