Hi everyone,

Surprisingly, I had  quite a bit of time to work on this piece since my last post. As you might remember I had the skeleton of the piece completed, but the orchestration and background ideas needed to be added. Here is a pdf version of the score:

The Other Side

Below is a MIDI demo:

The Other Side – Demo Audio

The instrumentation is harp, oboe, clarinet, flute, 5-string violin and acoustic bass. The hardest part of working with a simple melody is creating enough ways to keep it sounding interesting. Adding background lines, counter melodies, changing orchestration, changing keys, adding rhythm to the melody and adding additional sections of new material are all techniques I employed to attempt to do so.

When listening to the demo there are spots that sound like melodic material is missing. If you follow the score you will see that these sections will be filled in with improvisation from the clarinet, flute and finally the violin. The live performance will be February 27th here in Boston.

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